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It's your responsibility to check for Carbon Monoxide

As property managers, fire safety is one of the biggest concerns we have, especially when working with large, multiple occupancy buildings. We work with RES, who manage all our Fire Risk Assessments. However, one of the things that individuals must be aware of, is their need to be mindful of their responsibilities in this area both regarding fire but also Carbon Monoxide (CO). Our responsibilities as property managers do not extend to your appliances in your property.

Essential points to check regarding Carbon Monoxide (CO)

1. Check the colour of the flames in your appliances, if they are orange, there may be a problem. Ensure gas appliances are serviced every year. (Also if you have eye level gas grill, get this checked too.)

2. New blocks of flats don't tend to have chimneys but a high percentage of our property portfolio includes older buildings with chimneys. Make sure yours isn't blocked - get the chimney sweeps in.

3. Are you a tenant? Check your landlord has a gas safety certificate.

4. Install a CO alarm approved to BS EN 50291, if you need help, do ask us.

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Goodwill to all mankind - don't upset your neighbours!


Looking forward to your Christmas party (and you live in a flat)? Tim Darwall-Smith provides festive advice for leaseholders - those wanting to have a party and those that don't want to hear other people’s!

Living in a building where there are multiple flats requires all residents to be mindful of those around them. With the rise in buy-to-let tenancies - especially in London, many believe this has added to neighbourly disputes, people on assured short-holds can often move on faster than resident owners. From our experience, this is not the case; a home is a home and more often than not it is an even balance between the two. Some owners are irresponsible and some tenants are irresponsible; it is certainly not all one way. Sometimes neighbours simply cannot agree on what is and isn't reasonable. As property managers we have to see all sides of any issue - even at 2am on a Sunday morning when the call comes to our out-of-hours line!

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Energy Billing. The pros and cons of a centralised boiler system.


Most new-build developments, particularly the larger ones, have centralized heating and hot water systems these days. They are promoted as being more environmentally friendly, cheaper to run and a more efficient way of providing heat energy to the flats. But what does this actually mean in practice and is it any cheaper than having your own boiler inside your flat?


The answer is not straightforward. Here is a list of pros and cons of such a centralized system:

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Responsibilities of your Property Manager. The building not your flat and the impact of your flat on the building

It can be confusing! What does the Landlord do? Why do we have managing agents? Who should I go to if the flat above is causing a leak into my flat, but I am a tenant? So Tim thought it would be useful to bring some clarity on the roles of the various parties involved in the ownership and management of residential blocks.

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