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Communication is everything

As property managers we know that good communication is vital. It can be challenging with Landlords who are overseas on different timezones, multiple language requirements and quite simply, clarity.

In today's world most communication is via email and text. As property managers we receive messages 24-7 regarding any element of the buildings that we manage. We can never make an assumption about anything; The plumber we have booked to attend your building? The time is agreed, we assume they will attend however other circumstances unknown can hold the plumber up. Serious issues on their previous job, London traffic - you name it, we have heard it. A key skill in property management is the need to see all sides of an issue – it is very rare for all the occupants of a block to agree on how the building should be maintained. We are appointed by the Landlord to maintain their investment and to observe the terms of the leases, but EVERYONE has a valid opinion...

Considerations Technology and culture have conspired to increase urgency in every area of our lives. As holders of the budget for a building we have to negotiate what is and isn’t covered by your service charge. A very tricky area. Take pipework leaks; If you have a leak in your flat and it damages other flats, whose responsibility is it to pay for the damage? Leaks are tricky, finding where it is coming from can require investigation both in the common parts and within your flat.. who pays?

Misconceptions We take instruction from the Landlord or the Right to Manage company. They are the client. As your property manager, trying to satisfy the needs of everyone can be challenging as we are not the ultimate people in charge.

Benefits Property management is an intrinsically delicate path to walk. It is impossible to do without someone disagreeing with you and when the disagreement is about money and home ownership this becomes stressful. We know this, it's in our job description. So when you are successful at achieving your Right to Manage your building, retain your Property Manager. We can take the emotion out of the essential big ticket expenditure and smooth the path to the hassle-free maintenance and management of your building.
By Tim Darwall-Smith, Director, Sandrove Brahams Property Management Services