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Snow – great, isn't it?

Whilst glancing at the lunchtime news reports showing scenes of ‘massive disruption’ to the country’s road network caused by a few centimetres of snow, it struck me how different people’s experiences of the same event can vary so hugely. We rarely get snow to the level in the picture – now if we had that, that would be ‘massive disruption’!

To a child, snow falling signals many things, usually positive; Christmas, messing around outside tobogganing, snowball fights or the possibility of a day off school! What’s not to like?

To others, perhaps those of us with higher levels of responsibility, it seems we often only see the negative effects of snowy weather; treacherous pavements, car accidents, having to turn the heating up, the kids are off school – how do we deal with that when we need to go to work? What is fun to one person may be a misery to another.

 And it’s the same in other situations too. As property managers, we see all sides of human life at first hand; the properties we manage are people’s homes and, very often, their home is their life. For this reason, the decisions that property managers take in the day to day management of a building often have very mixed reactions!

A couple of examples come to mind. Firstly, the delightful gardens at a smart block of flats in Maida Vale. The gardens were refurbished following an excavation project and returned to their former glory, only to be taken over by a number of residents’ children who delighted in the fact that there was now a nice ‘play area’ for them to use, much to the consternation of many other residents!

The moral of the story is that you simply cannot please all of the people all of the time. If there is a Snow God, he/she must surely be a child!


By Tim Darwall-Smith, Director, Sandrove Brahams Property Management Services