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Facilities Management

Through our knowledge and experience in property management, our role as Facilities Managers has been defined and expanded. Facilities Management is the integration of processes within an organization or a building that maintains and develops the agreed services which support and improve the effectiveness of its primary activities. Effective facilities management, as supplied by our multi-disciplinary team, provides a safe and efficient working or living environment which is essential to the performance of any business or property, whatever its size and scope.

We have particular experience in providing bespoke Facilities Management services to the hotel and leisure industry, where we add value through assisting on-site staff in the administration of all health & safety and PPM (Planned Preventative Maintenance) contracts and work.

  • We advise our Clients on the best type of contract to suit their business or building; fully comprehensive, service-only or a simple reactive contract.
  • We are fully up to speed with the latest health & safety legislation and are able to apply this to all our working practices, thus ensuring our clients have the peace of mind that they have complied fully with all requirements.
  • Our software allows us to establish and monitor PPM visits through a labour-load programme, ensuring that contracted attendances are never missed and allowing the hotel staff to have a clear schedule of anticipated PPM visits which can be tailored to suit the needs of each location.
  • Our FM service also provides an invoice processing function, whereby we will arrange for all PPM and reactive invoices raised on contracts that we administer to be dealt with through our own systems. This allows us to match contractors' invoicing against the contract and the work undertaken. Only if we are satisfied that the invoice fits the contract and work will we authorise it for payment.

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