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Energy Billing

It is becoming more common for modern apartment buildings to have communal heating, hot water and cooling systems installed, providing a carbon footprint-reducing solution for diligent developers who are increasingly being asked to provide efficient and renewable energy installations. The equipment itself can be maintained via the service charge but in order to achieve fairness to residents and flat owners, the billing of the energy consumption in each flat must be accurate and reliable.

Working with Developers

At Sandrove Brahams we have experience in this important but often overlooked side of the management of large apartment buildings. On installation, we can advise developers of the best systems to suit the property and, once installed, we put an effective procedure in place to allow consumption readings to be taken using smart remote technology (so no access to the flats is required). We then analyse the data obtained and produce consumption bills which accurately charge for energy use by flat, whilst being careful to ensure 100% recovery of the Landlord's energy (gas and electricity) outlay. This is achieved by adjusting the kW/h rate each period. Analysis of this data also allows us to work with the M&E contractors who maintain the boilers, chillers and other equipment, so that they can be run as efficiently as possible.

Billing for Landlords and Tenants.

For buy-to-let Landlords, it is imperative that accurate and regular bills are produced so that these can be re-charged to tenants. Sandrove Brahams is fully aware of this and we can produce interim readings and assist Landlords in re-charging their tenants' energy consumption back to them. This is especially important when tenants come and go periodically.



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